SAMO: Why One African Government And One African Currency Is Nonsense

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United Africa Flag Concept
United Africa Flag Concept | Reddit u/ZachaIO

Many politicians, civil organizations, and leaders around Africa believe that Africa needs to be made a single economy with one central government. Many other political parties, including the Southern African based “SAMO” believes, it is pure nonsense.

“I [as the member of the SAMO – Samalands Movement] against the notion of making Africa as a single federal republic. This is just a dream that would never come true and it would cost a lot of lives,” said SAMO President Siyavuya Cutalele.

Why I think One African Government is nonsense

Many areas would become poorer than they are now because people would move freely to any area that offers better services, job opportunities, and better living conditions.

The government would fail to develop Africa because “by culture, current African governments tend to focus more on places with bigger output to GDP” and that would cause more poverty.

SAMO thinks there would be civil unrest as many people will feel marginalized and not taken care of and feel that they are less important than the rest.

Why one currency would not work?

Let me first tell you the advantages of one African currency.

  1. It would be more liquid and more stable, meaning it would be easier to predict it’s exchanged, but it would never be more stable than USD, EUR, GBP, NZD, AUD, JPY, CAD & CHF.
  2. It would become the 9th world major currency, but it would be the least stable of all major currencies.
  3. States who already suffer from hyperinflation would be relieved and also states who have lower liquid currencies would be on relief.
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Disadvantages of this so-called “African Currency” that would make it fail:

  1. It would lose its value over time due to political instability and poor Monetary Policy.
  2. There would be huge inflation, (but not like Zim Dollar) due to large Quantitative Easing and Expansionary Monetary Policy because the government would be on panic as there would be more protests against him.
  3. Many places would become poorer because of the currency, especially Trade-orientated areas, as they would feel that the currency is too strong or too week for their economies.

What I believe would solve all or most problems in Africa

I believe Africa needs to be further decided into many other countries and that would create more relief in Africa. Here is a list of things that I think are facts about my statement.

  1. African countries are too few to succeed because (e.g. South Africa is too big to succeed as there is tension between tribes or ethnic groups).
  2. African black ethnic groups can’t be united and get along because we share different ancestors, beliefs and cultures teach us not to love other tribes as they would affect us negatively.
  3. Smaller countries have more potential than big countries because it is easier to control a small country than a big country (except for the USA, as it is mostly White populated).
  4. We need not compare Africa to the USA and the European Union because the USA is a country, not a continent, EU is also not a continent, it is an intergovernmental organization like the African Union.
  5. The USA and EU are also very different from each other.

The bonus to why Africa’s One Government can never work

Our leaders like to compare our future to the USA and the EU when they support their idea of making Africa a single government. Let me te you one thing. AFRICAN LEADERS DON’T KNOW AND DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND THE REAL THING THAT’S HAPPENING IN THOSE PLACE OR WHAT USA & EU ARE.

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Let me help you with these questions

  1. Did you know that the USA is not a continent and it is just a confederation of states like Nigeria?
  2. Did you know that not everyone in the USA is using the US Dollar? – in UTAH and other places many people are using a community Currency called “ITHACA” (you can Google it), this may not be covered in Media, but its the fact and ITHACA have been used since the 1900s and it is still used today.
  3. Did you know that NOT ALL European countries are members of the EU? (e.g. the UK, Switzerland, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, and many others)
  4. Did you know that even EU member countries, some of them are not using EURO currency? (e.g. Finland, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, Faroe Islands, etc)
  5. Did you know that when the UK was a member of the EU (member till last year to be precise) It didn’t use EURO?
    The UK used the Great British Pound (or simply, Pound Sterling or Sterling).

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the website



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