Candace Owens Slams ICE Critics

Candice Owens
Candice Owens | Source: Gage Skidmore

One of the most famous American conservative commentators and political activists Candace Owens slams ICE critics on Twitter and the post goes viral. The tweet got over 27,000 Retweets and even more Likes on the social media platform.

In her post, Owens compares illegal migration with burglary, and says that calling those two something that they are not “intellectually dishonest”. She said: “Calling people that are against illegal migration “anti-immigrant”, is about as intellectually dishonest as calling people that are against burglary “anti-charity”.

Source: Candace Owens Twitter
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The tweet got popular in just hours, with thousands of pro-Trump social media users making it viral throughout the internet. Replies in support of her statement vary, yet most of them underline that those who support anti-immigration policies are not against immigrants, but against illegal immigration only. Thus, the user Carol Wells says: “Exactly! We are not anti-immigrant – we are anti – ILLEGAL immigrant. Big Difference!“. Others also blame the Democrats for deceiving the public for political gain.

Yet, not everyone is happy with Owens’s statement. The other camp criticizes this position by saying, that being against immigrants necessarily involves hatred and even calls the commentator white supremacist (Candace Owens is African-American): “Not the same thing Ms.Oreo and the word is not migration it’s immigration.Being against immigrants necessarily involves intolerance and hatred.The kind of hatred white supremacists like yourself(odd)have against people true to their color.Ur desire to be white deranges ur mind.“. Some also underline that it is not illegal immigration that is being prosecuted as much as seeking asylum, which is not the same in nature as well.


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