China Blocks US Navy Ship

China Blocks US Navy Ship
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According to CNN, the Chinese government has blocked the US Navy ship over military sanctions imposed by the White House. The USS Wasp, scheduled to dock in Hong Kong has been blocked from doing so due to the diplomatic stand off between the countries.

The US imposed military sanctions on Chinese Equipment Development Department over the purchase of Russian weaponry. Chinese answer has been extremely quick. The USS Wasp, an assault ship carrying more than 1000 sailors was supposed to make a port call in Hong Kong next month. In addition to blocking the ship’s entrance to the Hong Kong port, Beijing reportedly also canceled the high-level meeting between the two countries’ naval commanders. That one was scheduled to happen next week.

This move is very likely to further worsen the relations between China and the US. The military sanctions, arming of Taiwan by the US government and the US-China Trade War all contribute to the tensions between the two countries.


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