Poll: Woodstock Turns 50 And We Want To Know Attendees’s Current Political Affiliation [Results Included]

US Peace Flag
US Peace Flag | Image by David Peterson from Pixabay

As you might know, Woodstock Music festival turns 50 this year. The original festival was held during the hard times of Cold War and despite it being a music festival, politics was a huge part of it.

400,000 people that gathered in Bethel, NY on August 15-17, 1969 didn’t just come to enjoy music, they came to make a statement. A statement of peace and love, that is heard throughout the years.

32 acts performed during the three days of the festival. And it may be argued, that Woodstock itself started an era of social political protest. This protest was peaceful yet powerful and overwhelming.

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And today, 50 years later, we are more than curious about what those, who attended the festival back in 1969 have to say about the current state of politics in the United States. What parties do they affiliate themselves with (if any)? And wether their ideology has changed since 1969. Here is a one-question poll that will help us know more about it.

What is the political ideology you currently mostly identify with?

Updated: Results

The poll was conducted during the weekend of the 50th anniversary of the original Woodstock festival. It is not pretending to be accurate and we do not have any data on possible manipulations. It shall not be used to claim that it reflects the entire 400,000 crowd’s political preferences, as the amount of voters was obviously significantly less.

Yet, we can see that more than 60% of all voters consider themselves Democrats. More than 20% consider themselves Republicans and around 16% did not fall under any of those two categories.

More than 60% or respondents said they consider themselves Democrats

And while the poll is already closed, we would love to hear from more people. Why do you think the results are the ones, that we got? What is your current political affiliation? Share your thoughts. We’d love to hear them.


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