US-China Trade War Continues, Trump responds on Twitter


US-China relations are at a very complicated stage and have been for a while already. The US has escalated the trade war on Monday by imposing new tariffs on Chinese goods. President Trump announced 10% duties on $200 billion of Chinese products imported in the country. And those might rise to 25$ by the end of the year.

Beijing was quick on response though. Chinese officials announced on Tuesday that will retaliate by imposing tariffs on $60 billion of US goods.

Trump’s policy towards International Trade has been consistent since he won the 2016 election partly with a pledge to stripe or revise a whole lot of free trade deals. It was widely supported by American workers, particularly in the industries that haven’t been competitive, given cheaper international alternatives.

New twist in the trade war

Even though this trade war poses both economic and political risks for Republicans prior to November’s elections, Trump stands firm and defends his position. Thus, in his tweet from September 18 at 03:50PM President mentioned that ‘China has openly stated that they are actively trying to impact and change our election by attacking our farmers, ranchers and industrial workers’. This and the follow up post have been retweeted more than 18 000 times since the publication.

What do you think of the matter? Would it affect Americans? And what impact will the US-China trade war have on Europe?


  1. As a citizen of the Earth’s inhabitants.
    I suggest you Mr. Tramp.
    The philosophy of the global economy and colonialism without bloodshed learn from the Kingdom of Great Britain.
    The Kingdom of England governs the right politics without military presence in the world.
    good luck

  2. I know, trust, and support Trump is for the people. He’s a business man that knows what he is doing. Of course these his actions will effect us in the short-term, but it’s for the nation’s best, in the long-term.

  3. For this years election i deem it necessary to revert back to the good old way of voting The pebble method one pebble for this person this pile different color pebble this pile. and the only thing electronic, is recording. Anyone who disagrees MUST Be A Meddeler And Convicted Felons the non dangerous ones outa have the right to vote WTF and no more secrecy if your ashamed of who your voting for, you shouldn’t vote cuz all you are is along with the flock, and completely, oblivious to the shepords are, nor the wolves that corral their flock. and clearly Weve to much faith in technology, and we need to insure our vote counts this What better way And damn it this is how it better be done, Thats the only problem with being at the top No one can hear me down there, but pay attention and ask your self who are the, sheppords and who are the wolves in sheeps clothing. because of our blatent public disrespect to our president, and civil rivalary, there is no way we’d be capable of opererating on all cylinders, leaving us vulenerable Now chinas allowing to have more than one kid, are they planning on expanding?? they already have their hands in everthing anyway, type in a nursey ryhm and its done by chinese and r and l no longer in alphabet

    • Dear Holly, it’s unfortunate that you didn’t take the time to proof read your comment. Your poor handling of the English language distracted from the 2 good points you made. Every vote should count period! And we need to insure, that your President, is no longer allowed,to own the majority of the shares in the company that made the machines that “Malfunctioned” in pivitol states during the last election. Regarding felons; All U.S. citizens have the right to vote. One does not lose their citizenship,when convicted of a felony. So, why once they’ve served their time, should they not be allowed to vote??


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