Mount Rushmore

The List Of All US Presidents In Order

The US political system has been a role model for many other countries. And the Presidential institution has pretty much been created...
Mock Trump Assassination

Mock Assassination Of Donald Trump At A Rally: Sandoval Apologizes

A Democratic state Senator from Illinois Martin Sandoval held a fundraising event and came under fire for a leaked photo of a...
US Peace Flag

Poll: Woodstock Turns 50 And We Want To Know Attendees’s Current Political Affiliation [Results...

As you might know, Woodstock Music festival turns 50 this year. The original festival was held during the hard times of Cold...
Candice Owens

Candace Owens Slams ICE Critics

One of the most famous American conservative commentators and political activists Candace Owens slams ICE critics on Twitter and the post goes...
Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg Claims ‘Systemic Racism Is A White Problem’

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg on August 8th claimed that “systemic racism is a white problem”, Fox News reports. He also added, that...

What To Expect At The Upcoming US Democratic Debate

The US Democratic Party has new debates coming up at the end of this month on July 30 and 31 in Detroit,...
Chris Pratt Flag TShirt

Chris Pratt Deemed a ‘White Supremacist’ Over a T-Shirt

The famous TV and movie star Chris Pratt has been accused of being a 'white supremasist' by social media users and Yahoo...
Donald Trump Republican Party

Who Makes Up The Republican Party Base?

No political party in any country has a completely predictable or unified base, however the Republican Party of the United States has...
Democratic Party Donkey

Who makes up the Democratic party base?

What is the base? The term “base” is often used in politics without much explanation. It’s clear that it...
Donald Trump

Every Trump Tweet About Global Warming Since 2014

President Trump is known for his denial of global warming, as portrayed by the media. He is also known for communicating to...

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Opinion: How Powerful Are African Separatist Movements?

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The Boost in India-US Relations and the China Factor

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