donald trump aid to ukraine

Pentagon to Provide Ukraine with $250 Million in Military Aid

Pentagon officials announced that the US is going to send military aid to the tune of $250 million to Ukraine. This move...

Shinzo Abe meets Trump in the US after winning elections in Japan

Last week Shinzo Abe was reelected as a president of Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party. This victory has set Abe on course to become...

What is Electoral College and why the US has it

A lot of people both inside and outside of the US are extremely confused by Electoral College and why it is being used in...
Democratic Party Donkey

Who makes up the Democratic party base?

What is the base? The term “base” is often used in politics without much explanation. It’s clear that it...
Mount Rushmore

The List Of All US Presidents In Order

The US political system has been a role model for many other countries. And the Presidential institution has pretty much been created...
Mock Trump Assassination

Mock Assassination Of Donald Trump At A Rally: Sandoval Apologizes

A Democratic state Senator from Illinois Martin Sandoval held a fundraising event and came under fire for a leaked photo of a...
US drone

US Spy Drone Shot Down by Iran

A US spy drone was shot down by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard over the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday.
Just Burn It

Nike, Kaepernick and everything you need to know about #NikeBoycott

After Nike announced that Colin Kaepernick will be featured in the new barnd's commercial audience split into two camps again. One side loves the...
Donald Trump Republican Party

Who Makes Up The Republican Party Base?

No political party in any country has a completely predictable or unified base, however the Republican Party of the United States has...

What is USMCA a.k.a. ‘New NAFTA’?

After more than a year of sever negotiations, the United States, Canada and Mexico agree to upgrade the North Free American Trade Agreement, a.k.a NAFTA. The original agreement was signed in 1994 and governed more than $1.2 trillion worth of trade on the North American continent. The new deal has gotten the new branding and will be known as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or simply put USMCA (can we play a YMCA video somewhere here?). Continued...

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Opinion: How Powerful Are African Separatist Movements?

Most governments fear the rise of separatist movements in Africa and that have caused civil wars in some regions in the...
China, India, US Flags

The Boost in India-US Relations and the China Factor

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