What To Expect At The Upcoming US Democratic Debate

The US Democratic Party has new debates coming up at the end of this month on July 30 and 31 in Detroit,...

#FreeSentsov: How White House ‘We The People’ petitions are changing the world

#FreeSentsov is one of the most rapidly signed petition on the White House website. And it is not just a hashtag. #FreeSentsov became a...
Just Burn It

Nike, Kaepernick and everything you need to know about #NikeBoycott

After Nike announced that Colin Kaepernick will be featured in the new barnd's commercial audience split into two camps again. One side loves the...
By DoD photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Trump agrees with Obama… sort of

President Trump tweeted today that he completely agrees with President Obama. It is one of the most unexpected statements current POTUS made lately, given...
donald trump aid to ukraine

Pentagon to Provide Ukraine with $250 Million in Military Aid

Pentagon officials announced that the US is going to send military aid to the tune of $250 million to Ukraine. This move...
US Peace Flag

Poll: Woodstock Turns 50 And We Want To Know Attendees’s Current Political Affiliation [Results...

As you might know, Woodstock Music festival turns 50 this year. The original festival was held during the hard times of Cold...
two party system

Why the US Has a Two Party System

It is almost certain that when Americans go to polls to elect a new President they will choose between only two candidates: one from...

What is USMCA a.k.a. ‘New NAFTA’?

After more than a year of sever negotiations, the United States, Canada and Mexico agree to upgrade the North Free American Trade Agreement, a.k.a NAFTA. The original agreement was signed in 1994 and governed more than $1.2 trillion worth of trade on the North American continent. The new deal has gotten the new branding and will be known as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or simply put USMCA (can we play a YMCA video somewhere here?). Continued...
Trump Twitter

Trump on Twitter: “African-American unemployment is now at the lowest number in history”

President Trump once again reiterated that the US economy is at its best right now. This time POTUS targeted his tweet towards African-American voters. According to the President, African-American unemployment rate is at the lowest number in history. Trump said that his opponents only talk about their support for racial minorities, and he, on the other hand, works to better their economic status...
Pete Buttigieg

What’s Behind The Media’s Buttigieg Fever?

The American media seems to be obsessed with boosting minor US presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg. The Indiana mayor has enjoyed several months...

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Opinion: How Powerful Are African Separatist Movements?

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