US-China Trade War Continues, Trump responds on Twitter

US-China relations are at a very complicated stage and have been for a while already. The US has escalated the trade war on Monday...
Donald Trump

Audio Recordings Reveal Donald Trump’s Sister Says the President “Has No Principles”

In audiotapes that were secretly recorded in 2018 and 2019 by their niece, Mary Trump, Maryanne Trump Barry, Donald Trump’s older sister,...

What To Expect At The Upcoming US Democratic Debate

The US Democratic Party has new debates coming up at the end of this month on July 30 and 31 in Detroit,...
A Bill Becomes A Law

How a Bill Becomes a Law in the US

This article is first of the series in which we will attempt to simplify somewhat hard to grasp processes of the political systems around...
What is President Trump's strategy for winning re-election?

What is President Trump’s Strategy for Winning Re-election?

Even his harshest critics now have to admit that Donald Trump knows how to win longshot elections. That means they have to...
Pete Buttigieg

What’s Behind The Media’s Buttigieg Fever?

The American media seems to be obsessed with boosting minor US presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg. The Indiana mayor has enjoyed several months...

US President Donald Trump is not afraid of impeachment, since he did nothing illegal

In an interview with Reuters, Trump expressed the opinion that in the event of his impeachment "people would revolt".

Shinzo Abe meets Trump in the US after winning elections in Japan

Last week Shinzo Abe was reelected as a president of Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party. This victory has set Abe on course to become...
US flag Midterm Elections 2018

Early Midterm Elections Voting Dates By State

The US Midterm Elections are approaching fast. If you are eligible to vote early but haven't done so yet, you might still have a chance. It all depends on the State you are to vote in. There is no federal law bounding all states to have early voting on a certain date or for a given period of time. Each state has its own rules. Here is a simple table which shows when and if a state allows an early vote: Continued...
Kanye West and Trump in the White House

Kanye West praises Trump in the White House

Kanye West headed to the White House for the signing the Music Modernization Act. The signing happened on Thursday, October 11th. During the ceremony Kanye West used profanity and praised Trump. Continued...

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