Will China be the next world superpower?

The People's Republic of China is growing increasingly powerful on the world stage. From the Indo-Pacific region to Africa, the authoritarian communist...
China Blocks US Navy Ship

China Blocks US Navy Ship

According to CNN, the Chinese government has blocked the US Navy ship over military sanctions imposed by the White House. The USS Wasp, scheduled...

Shinzo Abe meets Trump in the US after winning elections in Japan

Last week Shinzo Abe was reelected as a president of Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party. This victory has set Abe on course to become...
North Korea's ballistic missile

North Korea Agrees to Denuclearize: First Steps to Achieve Peace

North Korea is reportedly committed to completely dismantle nuclear test site. It was announced at a joint press conference of both Koreas' leaders. In...

US-China Trade War Continues, Trump responds on Twitter

US-China relations are at a very complicated stage and have been for a while already. The US has escalated the trade war on Monday...

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