Sergio Mattarella and Giuseppe Conte

Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte Resigns After Coalition Partner Pulls Support

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced his resignation from the position after his ally and coalition partner League party pulls support from...

All About Boris Johnson—And Why He Will Almost Definitely Be The Next UK Prime...

The British Conservatives are electing a new leader now that Theresa May has left the post and that leader will be Boris...
donald trump aid to ukraine

Pentagon to Provide Ukraine with $250 Million in Military Aid

Pentagon officials announced that the US is going to send military aid to the tune of $250 million to Ukraine. This move...

Danish politician targets voters on Pornhub

Danish politician Joachim B Olsen breaks stereotypes about how a political campaign should look like, and where and how it should be...
Angela Merkel

End of an Era: Merkel leaves big politics

On October 29, German's Angela Merkel announced that she will step down as leader of the Christian Democrats (CDU) and that her current (fourth) term as chancellor would be her last. At the same time, she has no intensions to step down from a chancellor position early and will serve her term until the next Bundestag elections in 2021, according to DW. Continued...
St. Volodymyr's Cathedral Kyiv

333 years of fight. Ukrainian Church gets independence

Ukrainian Orthodox Church is a step closer to getting its long awaited independence. On October 11, the Holy and Sacred Synod discussed giving autocephaly to Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Kyiv. In the official statement, the Chief Secretariat of the Holy and Sacred Synod declared that it will grant Kyiv its long awaited independence which was illegally taken from it almost 333 years ago. Continued...

#FreeSentsov: How White House ‘We The People’ petitions are changing the world

#FreeSentsov is one of the most rapidly signed petition on the White House website. And it is not just a hashtag. #FreeSentsov became a...
Kyiv spelling

Kiev or Kyiv? Which is the correct spelling and why

Many westerners are used to call Ukrainian’s capital Kiev, and sometimes get confused seeing it spelled Kyiv. Let’s dig deeper into the roots and...

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Opinion: How Powerful Are African Separatist Movements?

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China, India, US Flags

The Boost in India-US Relations and the China Factor

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