Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte Resigns After Coalition Partner Pulls Support

Sergio Mattarella and Giuseppe Conte
Sergio Mattarella and Giuseppe Conte | Presidenza della Repubblica [Attribution]

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced his resignation from the position after his ally and coalition partner League party pulls support from the government. It basically means the end for the current government in Italy.

Power Play And Populism

The Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who is also the leader of the League party is believed to be the main beneficiary of Conte’s resignation. Salvini’s popularity is currently on the rise, which makes him a likely figure to be the next Italian Prime Minister. It is Salvini who has called for early government elections earlier, knowing that his party is gaining more and more supporters.

The League party, led by Salvini is known for its anti-immigration agenda and right-wing beliefs. And the coalition between the nationalists and populists in Italy was seen as dangerous by many in Europe. The government, that worked somewhat affectively for only 445 days prior to the Conte’s resignation announcement is also known for its embracement or Russia’s politics and its antagonism toward the European Union.

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What Conte’s Resignation Means?

Technically, the fate of the Italian government is now to be decided by the President Sergio Mattarella. It is he, who now has a choice to make: either to call for early elections, or try to work with the current parliament.

If Mattarella goes with the first option, the elections could be held as early as October. And if Salvini manages to win those, it would mean that Italy might have the most nationalist government in Europe, which is not favorable by many other countries.

Yet, the President may choose to try to handle the conflict with the current parliament. Giuseppe Conte then can try to form the new coalition, if he manages to gather one within the current parliament lineup. Alternatively, someone else, other than Conte might be able to step up and form a new coalition, which would not require early elections.


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