New Italian Government Is About To Be Formed


Giuseppe Conte
Presidenza della Repubblica [Attribution]

Just days after Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced his resignation, he might be reappointed to the same position.

Italy’s President Sergio Mattarella gave a green light to the populist 5Star Movement to form a new government, with the center-left Democratic Party. And while the President gave his blessing, the new coalition still needs to get approval from the parliament. The fate of the agreement will be decided in the vote of confidence.

The 5Star’s previous government, which resigned after its fragile coalition with the far-right League collapsed, has been widely criticized within Italy and in the EU for its Populist and protectionist ideas. The collapse of the coalition led to Conte‘s resignation as a Prime Minister. Although it looks like that Italian politician didn’t spend his time in vain, and used the time off to gain more stable support within the Italian government.


We told Mattarella we are available to enter a new long-term political alliance with the Democratic Party to continue the mandate 11 million voters gave us last year without running away from our responsibilities,” said Luigi Di Maio, the leader of the 5Star party according to Politico.

The Democratic Party has previously confirmed the efforts to cooperate with the 5Stars. According to them, the new Italian government will face a complicated economic situation in the country, though will be able to create more jobs and raise the economy overall.

Once a coalition member and League leader Salvini also claimed that Conte’s reappointment was decided during the G7 summit. Conte, who attended the summit has apparently won support of the US President Donald Trump. This statement has not been confirmed by any other attendants of the summit.



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