9 Weird Laws From Around the World

US: Farting in Florida after 6PM

No Fart Law

It is technically illegal to fart in Florida after 6PM. While the law isn’t actively enforced, it is still officially in place. What is more important that it is actually only illegal on Thursdays. Thus, if you want to release those gases you obtained while eating broccoli soup, you better hold it in. It is not exactly known when the law originated. Our editorial team can’t really figure out the reasoning behind it, and how exactly it should be enforced. Especially given that an average person releases gases around 30-40 times a day. And most times, it is done involuntarily.

Singapore: Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum

It is absolutely illegal to chew gums in Singapore. Not only in public places. Anywhere. At all times. In fact, gums are banned in the country. While this law might seem extremely discriminative, it kind of makes sense. Since Singapore had banned gums in 1992, the streets have become much cleaner. And also, there are certain exceptions. Chewing gums is allowed if one can prove that it has a therapeutic effect.

Samoa: Forgetting Wife’s Birthday

Birthday Wife Law

Forgetting your wife’s birthday is actually illegal in Samoa. It is probably better for a poor husband to face the law than to face the wrath of his wife. Our editorial team kind of thinks that this should be the law all over the world. Anyways, this law is weird, but makes a lot of sense.

Italy: Feeding a bird in Venice

Venice Pigeons St Mark's Square

You know how it is always portrayed as a good thing helping animals in the city? Well, not in Venice. A fine of up to $700 is in store for those feeding pigeons on St. Mark’s Square in the city. This was once the city’s most affordable and popular entertainments and now it absolutely banned by local officials.

Portugal: Urinating in the ocean

Portugal Ocean Beach

It is absolutely illegal to pee in the ocean in Portugal. The only problem is that it is extremely hard to check wether someone did. And we highly doubt that many are fined due to the same issue. Maybe, they will be using the same technology they do in the swimming pools at some point and color the water when someone does his job in it?


  1. “Napoleon” was the name that George Orwell use for his rebellious Pig in the political satire “Animal Farm”. It has connotations far beyond the infamous Napoleon Bonaparte. Orwell’s “Napoleon” used political dogma to wrest power from the human owners of the farm and then installed himself and the pigs as replacement humans in effect. “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others” was the sentiment when “all animals that walk on two legs are the enemy”, became mantras for the farm’s self-governing animal hierarchy. Remind you of any political systems operating today?


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