US flag Midterm Elections 2018

Early Midterm Elections Voting Dates By State

October 22, 2018 Jennifer Hollister 0

The US Midterm Elections are approaching fast. If you are eligible to vote early but haven’t done so yet, you might still have a chance. It all depends on the State you are to vote in. There is no federal law bounding all states to have early voting on a certain date or for a given period of time. Each state has its own rules. Here is a simple table which shows when and if a state allows an early vote: Continued…

Trump Twitter

Trump on Twitter: “African-American unemployment is now at the lowest number in history”

October 1, 2018 Jennifer Hollister 0

President Trump once again reiterated that the US economy is at its best right now. This time POTUS targeted his tweet towards African-American voters. According to the President, African-American unemployment rate is at the lowest number in history. Trump said that his opponents only talk about their support for racial minorities, and he, on the other hand, works to better their economic status…